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In the darkness of Starkwood Forest, there is rumored to be a witch of extraordinary power. But only a few ever dare to enter the woods in search of her… Thistle Black knows being a princess means having to make sacrifices. Choosing who she will marry happens to be one of them. After all, happily ever after is a luxury granted only to peasants, not a princess. Yet when she spies a mysterious stranger, she decides for the first time in her life to take destiny into her own hands. Or so she thought. Unbeknownst to Thistle, Laurel Gray has dared to enter the Forest of Starkwood in an effort to locate the witch therein. It is an action that wields such far reaching consequences as to leave no one unaffected. And to alter the fate of others can be a dangerous thing indeed…

The Priestess of Morengard

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Thistle Black


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About JF Castillo

JF Castillo has been a fan of fantasy books all her life. As she got older, she began writing her own dark fantasy and poetry herself.

As of June 2022, she has published eight books with three in the works. She has attended several events such as the Mesa Festival of Books, Tucson Festival of Books, and Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comicon). She loves to see her returning fans and meeting new ones.

In her everyday life, she enjoys spending time with her husband (book cover artist), their three dogs, three cats, and two guinea pigs. She likes to garden, (though she lacks a green thumb) bowling, and reading.

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